Unreal Engine 4 Walkthroughs


We use video game engines to create advanced visualisations of interiors that are still an idea in the designer’s head. With our high quality Walktroughs you can take your clients to place that have not yet been created. Users can walk trough their future homes or offices, move and place their own objects, change the lighting, the color of walls or counter tops. What an innovative and impressive way to make one step futher to a succesful sale!



It’s a personal project which is a good example of Unreal Engine quality. It was made in co-operation with a student of Politechnika Wrocławska – games development, Tomasz Robaszek.

To make models and to render everything took about 3-4 days. Some models came from the web.

Originally the project was designed by Masahiko Sato from Architect show.


Bialystok apartment


Clients would like to have two lighting conditions – day and night. It’s the best way to show in real time how designed space should look like.  The whole designing process took much more than M4house, because of small capacity. The biggest challenge was creating kid’s room. There was not much space, but we solved it with suspended beds. Take a look at this walktrough:

New York Loft


Creating of this interior took us two weeks, and the biggest challenge was to create blueprints for media, menu, lights and editable materials. Every blueprint was created from scratch, but as you can see it works perfect. After choosing the perfect materials you can play a video with your own interior variant.

See for yourself and take your virtual walktrough from our (free) application:

Application (exe) (1.8Gb)


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